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Let them Decide

Located right in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of New York State, Tellier Studios utilizes every nook and cranny of their beautiful surroundings as well as their funky little New York City feeling studio. On any given day, if you are traveling through the Finger Lakes, keep an eye out because you just might see the husband and wife team shooting a beautiful vineyard wedding, Jennifer shooting an energetic toddler around a park, or Pat on an exciting senior session hiking to one of the many local waterfalls.
When asked about local locations, Pat smiled and said, “If I can drive to a location and back in one day, it’s local to me.” Tellier Studios feels that there are simply far too many locations available to limit their customers to only their immediate town.

When it comes to portraits, whether it’s a senior session or a week old baby, Tellier Studios seems to have a unique ability to not only create a beautiful portrait, but more importantly represent the real personality of their subjects. They believe that the best way to show an individual’s true personality is by giving them total freedom when choosing the location for a session. Pat says “I feel a senior can only be themselves in an environment they feel at home in, whether it’s in their backyard shooting against a barn or in the middle of the woods leaning against a giant oak tree.”
Pat says that in general, Tellier Studios does very well with two very different groups of seniors, both the over excited senior with a hundred outfits, as well as the reluctant, unenthused senior who becomes interested only after realizing that they can suggest whatever crazy idea they have.
While most studios push babies through as fast as possible, sometimes even kicking them out, Jennifer takes a very different approach to children’s portraiture. Jennifer says that “photographing children or babies is very similar to wildlife photography, you just have to be patient and ready to capture the perfect moments.” She believes that as a photographer, you just need to let kids be kids. If you spend a day with Jennifer, you may end up chasing a two year old around the park or visiting a newborn for his first session in the comfort of his own home. One thing is for certain, you won’t have an afternoon full of crying and lines of waiting babies.
Both Jennifer and Pat say that the best part about the freedom they give their customers is the constantly changing locations they get to shoot on a daily basis.

Photo by Jen Tellier - Tellier Studios 2009 in Skaneateles, NY

A Refreshing Philosophy for Business

Tellier Studios runs their business based on one very simple concept, “if we shoot artistic, honest photography it will always be in style.” They believe that if you worry less about trends and what other photographers are doing and focus more on the simple truth and artistic style of every photograph you will end up with both a trendy photograph for today as well as a truly classic photograph that will be admired for decades to come.
Viewing themselves more as artists than anything else, Jennifer and Pat Tellier strive to keep creative momentum at the center of their photography studio, by constantly experimenting with lighting, finding new locations and new angles to shoot locations they have used in the past. They encourage each other to shoot something new every time they look through their lenses.

When asked about their customers, they stated, “we love our customers and strive to relate to all of them, from the bride and groom of a destination wedding to the senior hoping to show his skills on a skateboard, we end up good friends with them all.”

They typically travel to shoot waterfalls, abandoned buildings, historic college campuses, local wineries, vineyards, and nearby cities. Jennifer and Pat say that “whether it’s a backyard, or an inspiring landscape, we will always have something beautiful to shoot in the Finger Lakes.”
Although they have a definite love for their home territory, both Jennifer and Pat say they enjoy any opportunity to travel. While commonly traveling all of the east coast, they will travel to any location in the U.S. “As photographers, one of the most exciting opportunities we have is to be in a totally new location deciding how we will choose to represent it in a photograph.”

Most importantly, Tellier Studios seems to understand that at the end of the day, their portfolio is not the most important thing, showing who their customers truly are and telling their story is why they are in business and this will always be their top priority.


When asked what they feel is the most important aspect in high end wedding photography, Jennifer and Pat Tellier both say the same thing “hands down, the most important job we have as wedding photographers is to tell the true story of each wedding we shoot.”
It is clear when talking to both of them and viewing their work, that their photographs are doing far more than documenting the events of the day. They seem to catch every tear, smile and dash to the limo, letting you in on every emotion. Pat says, “the trick to photographing weddings is capturing movement and action in a still image.” Somehow in their images, they give you a sense of the tone and energy of every event and make you feel as if you are standing with the bride and groom. Tellier Studios blends photojournalistic wedding photography that is a true to life documentation of the day, with a selection of images shot and edited in a truly artistic style that gives you a visually interesting and emotionally stimulating account of your wedding day.

Photo by Pat Tellier - Tellier Studios 2008

Photo by Jen Tellier - Tellier Studios 2010

Down to Earth Life and Photography

At the heart of what sets Tellier Studios apart from the millions of very talented photographers all over the world is a very simple, down to earth philosophy on life and photography. Pat says, “We are artists first and foremost.” Both Jennifer and Pat feel that leading a simple lifestyle that includes biking to the studio every chance they get and avoiding any excess in life gives them the freedom to shoot as they were meant to shoot. Pat says “It’s simple really. As a customer, when you walk into a studio for a wedding consultation and see a $30,000 SUV in front of the studio, have the photographer walk up in $200 shoes and watch a slide show on a $3,000 flat screen TV, it’s clear you will need to take out a second mortgage to make your wedding deposit. When you come to Tellier Studios, you will always know that you are only paying for our skills and equipment and nothing else.”

At Tellier Studios they take pride in what they call their “funky little studio.” At first glance, from the outside it is a typical small town business, but as you open the door and step inside you feel as though you have been transported into a New York City modern studio. They take pride in the constantly evolving and changing sets and backdrops, many of which have been created with their own hands.
On a personal level, both Jennifer and Pat feel that their physical health plays a large role in their studio. Jennifer says, “We feel that leading a healthy, active lifestyle is a key piece to being the best photographers possible. Let’s face it, by the end of a sixteen hour wedding full of jumping on chairs and chasing the action from place to place, if you are not in shape you wouldn’t have a chance at telling the true story of the day.”

Photo by Pat Tellier - Tellier Studios 2009

Artistic Forecast

When asked what they see in the future for Tellier Studios, both Jennifer and Pat said they are working very hard to incorporate their artistic roots into the business. They feel that by limiting the amount of mass production photography, like sports and proms, they can focus on their true love, which is weddings, high end portraits and fine art photography.
Pat says, “by focusing on our true passion, we feel we will be able to put out a better end product, streamline our workflow, and get weddings and portraits back to our customers faster.” Jennifer and Pat also said, “We are very excited about taking our wedding and portrait photography to the next level in the next few years and truly separating Tellier Studios from the rest of the pack.”
In addition to the new focus, Tellier Studios will also be working towards an old passion for fine art photography. So keep a look out for some upcoming gallery showings of their fine art work.

Anyone who has ever been a guest at a wedding knows that a photographer can destroy the close and personal atmosphere of a wedding by bossing everyone around and getting in the way. Both Jennifer and Pat say that they pride themselves on blending in and being an invisible participant in your wedding while shooting every moment. Pat says, “at the end of the night we always hear the same thing, ‘you guys worked so hard but I barely noticed you were here’.” As a husband and wife team, Tellier Studios prides themselves on being able to connect and become friends with every type of individual they encounter from reception coordinators to the bride and groom and even the five year old ring bearer.

Pat Tellier

Jen Tellier